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The process of selecting, organizing, and arranging diverse arrays of materials into cohesive relationships has eclipsed an earlier focus on mark-making. This has allowed the qualities of the materials to represent themselves more authentically in their new interrelated art-contexts. I collect materials that produce aesthetic and semiotic resonance, assign associations to the resonances, and assemble them into arrangements which may be either intuitive or allegorical.

Archetypal symbolism, esotericism, eroticism, psychotropy, and systems of conflict and control are the prominent themes that intersect, overlap and constellate throughout my work. Conceptual and compositional influences are derived from modern and contemporary western art as well as Indo-Tibetan mandalas, thangkas, and yantras. Additional elements in my work display an appreciation for Dada sensibilities in alignment with science-fiction and comic culture aesthetics.

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