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Capsules Statement

Capsules are high relief wall sculptures constructed from manufactured, recycled and reclaimed items. The materials accumulated and utilized are those naturally available to me through both consumption and collection, from the mundane and trivial to the sentimental and valuable. They reveal a personal history, a recorded cycle of appropriation, disuse and reclamation. The term is a double entendre referencing the concept of time capsules as well as the literal encapsulation of these objects in numerous layers of paint. The process has allowed me to commit paint to its essential role: to provide coverage and color.

This process suggests that the assembly of a personal catalogue of materials, given their origin, function and associations, corresponds to memory. Additionally, the subsequent application of multiple layers of paint, to time. Memories of events and experiences accumulate throughout our lives and create a basis upon which we define ourselves. Time alters our memory into a subjective representation. This reflection is colored by our individual understanding of our self, and how that relates to the external world.

Capsules are both sculptural and painterly, portraying states of being through periods of time.

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